Dopplebanger – P**sylicker

My third bootleg, made back in April 2004. A filthy affair between m83 (remixed by Jackson), Aphex Twin and Khia.

Dopplebanger – Pussylicker (mediafire)

And, as it has been often requested over the years, here’s the bonus PG version (without the Khia vocals):

Dopplebanger – Flowerlicker (mediafire)

Illustration by Julien Drochon

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3 Responses to “Dopplebanger – P**sylicker”

  1. beaumont Says:

    hey hey,

    i used to make mashups and was fairly active under the names manny phalanxx/lenny guildersleave, i wonder if you remember me lol?
    anyway, your ‘pussylicker’ boot is easily the one ive listened to the most over the years, in fact i still listen regularly. f-ing top stuff, its my fav bootleg of all time.

  2. dopplebanger Says:

    Yes, I remember the name Manny Phalanxx, sure. I guess you hanged out a lot around the GYBO forums like me… Are you still active ?
    I really appreciate the comment, thanks a lot. This boot was basically beginner’s luck I think !

  3. Solo Strike Says:

    Yo, cheers for this. Downloaded it when it came out and played it out at a fair few parties, always wanted an instrumental so looks like I’ll be playing it out again! Skills

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